*******      PSYCHIC FAIR  AND PET ADOPTION     *******

2nd Sunday of Each Month

12:00PM – 5:00PM


7413 Menaul NE


Susan Grayson brings many gifts to the table. She is an Ordained Minister; Certified Graphoanalyst; Reiki Master; Spiritual Counselor/Tarot and Intuitive Reader. She has owned a Metaphysical Bookstore in Corpus Christi all the while doing readings on the Local TV and Radio. She is well known in the Albuquerque and El Paso Metaphysics circles and can be found reading locally at Blue Eagle and Resonant Essentials amongst others. You may contact Susan for an appointment at (505) 363-4212 or (505) 369-4724.

Doug MacLeod came to NM from California. He attended New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. As a massage therapist, he became known for “seeing” emotional trauma within the body of his clients. He later became the Owner/Operator of the Courthouse Café where he served up his food with the flair from his 6th sense, he was featured in the Duke City Snapshots found in the Albuquerque Journal. Doug gives readings, healings and massage. He believes everyone has their own gifts, but they aren’t tuned into them yet. He can be reached for private sessions by calling (505) 363-6999.

Susan Zummo embraces her own intuition, Susan came from back east to the Southwest, where she found her home in Rio Rancho. She is a highly motivated teacher of higher awareness and one of 2 certified P.A.T., Inc. and Soma Pi Master Facilitators, Integrated Awareness graduate, Dolores Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master with over 25 years’ experience. She not only utilizes her gifts in teaching, but has given Intuitive Readings across the country. For an individual appointment you may call her at (757) 275-4071.


12:30 – Michelle Vidal – Stepping UP into Metaphysics – With 40 years under her belt as a student and teacher of Metaphysics, Michelle is dedicated to helping people unfold in the ways of spirit as well as finding their truth. Her 30 minute talk will introduce you into up-coming classes in meditation and intuitive development.

1:30 – Bonnie Bassan – Yoga; Money and Freedom – Embracing the WOO! – Bonnie will be talking for her up-coming 4 week workshop to creating abundance in your world. Using Yogic poses and techniques will help your free your body and mind from the worries that best you. You don’t need to have ever taken a yoga class to take her workshop. Come listen to her tell you how.

2:30 – Cheryl A. Patton – Author of “Creating The Perfect House Vibration; Utilizing the Art of Numerology” – This extraordinary woman talks will be speaking on her class of which combines Numerology and Tarot. She offers insight into the blending of Spiritual Gifts to better help you unfold in yours. Just recently in the Albuquerque Area, Cheryl is a gift that will keep on giving.

3:30 – Doug McCleod – BALANCING YOUR CHAKRAS FOR HEALING – Doug has an extensive background in Marshal Arts, holding 2 black belts. He has studied Qi Gong and Yoga for over 15 years. In the 30 minutes of his talk, you will participate in Qi Gong designed to stimulate and balance your chakras. It is a wonderful experience designed to stabilize emotions, while bringing harmony to your life.

 4:30 – Michelle Vidal – Hmmm… Judgement? ……Hmmm Judgment! –  In this 30 minute talk you will begin to see judgment as a tool for spiritual unfoldment instead of creating drama in your life. As we all know and understand drama is an anchor into the negative flow of abundance. And who wants or needs that???

Resonant Essentials will be hosting a Psychic Fair on Sunday, September 11, 2016 from 12:00pm – 5:00pm. We will be introducing ourselves and our facility to Albuquerque. We hope you will join us. We are located at 7413 Menaul Blvd NE in Albuquerque, NM. Our building is a brown stucco, one block west of Pennsylvania on the north side of the street.

Along with the Psychic Fair, there will be some of Albuquerque’s finest professionals giving 20-25 minute talks on their business and or classes.

1:00 pm – Vicky Reisenbach of Noevir Skincare

1:30 pm – Chloe Gallaway – Mindfull Creative Writing, Unleashing the Inner Author

2:00 pm – Jodee Merrill Smith – Inner Art Growth

2:30 pm – Susan Zummo – Intuition and the 4th dimension

3:00 pm – Michelle Vidal – Basic Philosophy of Metaphysics

3:30 pm – Miriam Ortiz y Pino – Organizing to Open Your Spirit

4:00 pm = Margarita – Understanding the Limpia for Healing

4:30 pm – Denise K Palya – Mindful Kindness

*** Check out our calendar for up-coming classes


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