Candle Work

Candle Work Class – February 9th – 6:00-7:30pm – $15.00 – RSVP Requested

Through the years, man fire, and later candles were used to influence thinking, gain wisdom and offer sacrifice to God.

Metaphysicians, necromancers, (people who communicate with the dead), spiritualists, alchemists and prophets feel candles are of great importance to religious concepts. Candles have their use today in prayers, thanksgiving, novenas and meditations. They are still used as an offering to the highest planes of expression. Candles are also used by many to create the highest evolution of spiritual awareness within themselves. Metaphysicians use the candles for the effect of healing, spiritual unfoldment by using special colors, meditation and auric analysis.

When utilizing the art of candle work, one should have the highest intent and focus. Candles help bring power to the meditation, ritual, novena, prayer or thanksgiving. Doing candle work when not in the right frame of mind, such as worry, fear or anger, can intensify those feelings into the work. Also this art is very specific in nature. You should not practice this art unless you are sure of your intentions or you cannot fulfill the novena, ritual, etc with the detail it requires. To do so will have less than satisfactory results and can also be harmful instead of helpful.

Here is an example of what you will be learning:

Yellow – This color is used for intellectual power, mental activity and spiritual development. Also used in spiritual healing in order to rid one of headaches. Lighter shades of this color are worn to help influence weight loss and to brighten the situation that may appear dull and drab. Spiritualists use yellow candles in order to enhance spiritual awareness and ability. The negative aspect of yellow is a tendency toward cowardess. Most individual operate on the positive aspect of this color.

Best Day to Start Novena and Prayer to be Used – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The 54th Psalm can be used:

For Spirituality – My Father God, I seek meekness and humility within the awareness of your divine attributes. Strengthen me that I may life myself above the lower vibratory waves of negation and fulfill my desire with divine understanding. Amen

A flame was one of the first things man could identify with the divinity. To primitive man, it represented light, heat, force, life and of also destruction.


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