Referral Program

Resonant Essentials has a referral program designed for affordability for all. This program helps you or someone you know to afford classes or rentals at our facility. You must sign-up in advance to participate.  Send leave a comment with your email contact and a sign-up sheet will be emailed to you.

Here is how it works:


Refer 3 and get yours of equal lesser value free. In other words, if 2 people rent for 2 hours each – you will get a 2 hour rental free. If one person rents for 4 hours and another for 8 hours – you will get the 4 hour rental free.

  1. Sign up by sending in your name; business name; email address and phone number
  2. Hours must be used in the earned increment. (ex: If you earn a 4 hour rental – you cannot break it up.)


If you refer one person to the class – you will get yours ½ off. If you refer 2 people you will get your class free.

  1. The class must be part of the referral program
  2. When your referral signs up for a class they MUST inform Resonant Essentials they are YOUR referral.
  3. Your Referrals MUST actually come to the class.
  4. Your Referrals must pay for their class in advance or have made arrangements to pay for the class in advance. They too can participate in the program, but for you to earn the class, they must be paying for THAT class.
  5. The referral is good for only one class. In other words any classes they take after the initial class, is no longer considered a referral.
  6. RP at the end of the class description denotes this class is on the Referral Program

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