To progress on our path, we need to build a foundation of knowledge. Metaphysics is that foundation. It is much more than just intuition, meditation, healing. It doesn’t matter how psychic we are or how great a healer we are if we don’t understand how to those tools work in helping our spirit to advance in order to complete our destiny.

Metaphysics looks at every piece of information gathered from science, (physical), from religion, (emotion), from philosophy, (spirit), bringing the information together to formulate truth in accordance with each individuals level of understanding. As we progress intellectually, we find more truths presented by facts, we can theorize, bringing more light philosophically, balancing it against the studied religions, truth never changes, but our understanding does. Light dawns brighter as we come into those truths and we can understand truth more clearly. More aspects of truth are revealed as our state of consciousness rises.

The end game of any life is to be the absolute best we can be for our own self and to make a difference for those who come after. As we watch our family, friends and associates fall into chaos brought about by fear resulting in an inordinate amount of anger, we can be slowed in our ability to shift in consciousness.

Classes are forming in Advanced Level Metaphysics, look for them under Metaphysics for a Complicated World; Intuitive EXPLOSION! and Understanding Your Meditation. These classes haven’t been taught since the late 80’s, early 90’s. The cost for truth shouldn’t be outrageous and these classes are more than reasonable for the amount of information you will receive.

If you experience drama in every turn of your life, then these classes are for you. Call (505) 453-7646 for more information.


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