Instructor: Michelle Vidal – (505) 453-7646

Definition:  Metaphysics is best defined as the science and study of all. Metaphysics looks at every piece of information gathered from science, (physical), from religion, (emotion), from philosophy, (spirit), bringing the information together to formulate truth in accordance with each individuals level of understanding. As we humans progress intellectually, finding more truths presented by facts, we can theorize, bringing more light philosophically, balancing it against the studied religions, truth never changes, but our understanding does. Light dawns brighter as we come into those truths and we can understand truth more clearly. More aspects of truth are revealed as our state of consciousness rises.

Class #1 – Creation – When asked how the earth was created and why we are here, most people go to their religious teachings for the answer. In truth there is so much more than just a simple story we were taught as children. The Creator does not break the laws of physics used to create the universe. Learn about the angelic realm and what part we play. How we have used free will and how free will affects us today.

Class #2 – Incarnation/Reincarnation – How did we first incarnate? What decision was involved in using incarnation and reincarnation as a tool for truth of who we are? In this lecture you will learn how reincarnation is an important tool in our spiritual progression. Understanding the complexities of reincarnation helps us to use this tool to maximize understanding of all the spiritual gifts at our disposal.

Class #3 – Karma – Karma is more than retribution for bad deeds. It is a living, breathing part of us. Embracing our karmic obligations brings more truth of who we are. Once we understand Karma, we lessen the drama in our life. How does this work? Because we learn not to take it personal and we allow others, their choices for their life. Letting go of the control we think we need over others opens the door to our own power to our higher self.

Class #4 – Judgment – “Judge not lest ye be judged” is possibly one of the greatest wisdoms of our time. Using judgment correctly helps to define between right and wrong. However, when we use it to critique our actions or those of our friends and family, it becomes a detriment. How does judgment work in our life? How do we use it to gain spiritual knowledge? How bad judgment creates drama and more karma between our self and others are essential to follow our destiny.

Class #5 – Consciousness –  What are the 3 consciousness’ and what role do they play in our earth experience? Just what does your Super-Conscious do? How does the Subconscious Mind interact with the Conscious Mind? What is meant by a “Guilty Conscious”? If we understand the principles of the “Minds” then we can better access them individually and then utilize the information more fully.

Class #6 – Civilizations – There are 5 original Root Races. In each Civilization one of the Root Races reigns dominant. This class builds upon the Class on Reincarnation because we expand our cumulative life consciousness. We have all been different than the person we are today. We have been different races, different religions, different genders. Now we are going into the Golden age where one race will no longer be dominate. What then?

Class #7 – Universal Love – When the 4th chakra is open and flowing, we have opened up to the all. There is no fear, no hesitation. We are flowing with the divine consciousness. Many people talk of the 4th dimension and the 5th dimension as if it were a “place”. It is a consciousness of being, the lessons of the chakras.

Class #8 – Precepts – Precepts are goals set down by learned Masters at the beginning of an age. These goals levels of understanding that are set for mortal man to achieve during the age. We  – for this age. How do we recognize the precepts set forth for this time?

Class #9 – Human Aspects – We reach constantly for understanding the duality of humans. Our lower self is expressed through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra. The higher self is expressed through the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras. The link between is found in the 4th chakra. The lower self is the understanding for our survival on the earth plane while the higher self works at opening the doors of the truth of who we are.

Class #10 – Spirit Teachers/Guides – The term, “Angel” should not be used synonymously with Spirit Teacher, Guide or Guardian. They are as different as their job/functions. In this class we learn the difference between angels and our spirit teachers/guides. Learn how to call upon your teachers to help you progress in this life.

Class #11 – Prayer – Prayer is a sincere wish / hope / desire to bring forth, manifest that which is desired. Be it an object to make our life better, an answer to a question or an action on our behalf. We are told, “ask and you will receive”. Then we are told our prayers are best answered when they are for another. Learn why the concepts of prayer may not be working in your favor.

Class #12 – Spirit Gifts – The Village Doctor; the Mid-Wife; the Witch; the Temple Priest/Priestess; the Mystic; the Oracle. Over the centuries there have been many names for those who embrace the gifts of spirit. Destiny and karma are two reasons as to why some come into their gifts naturally while still others have to work on them. Learn what are spirit gifts and how to use them to help progress in the ways of spirit.

Class #13 – Chakras – As we become more enlightened, our chakras stabilize and operate more fully in the open position. This brings stability to our earth experience. Prana, which is defined as our life-force energy is stronger when our chakras are opened. Being able to recognize when a chakra is not opened or is slow helps us to bring forth our own correction. Adding to this knowledge is the balance of the circadian rhythm which influence sleep cycles, hormone balance, etc. It is effective in bringing balance to our mind/body/spirit when we understand our chakra system.


Intuitive EXPLOSION!


Instructor: Michelle Vidal – (505) 453-7646

Class #1 – Introduction – Free introduction class into expanding your own intuition. Intuition brings in the light of truth. Learn more, strengthen your spiritual core. Reinvigorate your life and lose the drama as you shift into higher consciousness. It is more important now than ever to grow spiritually. In this class we talk about the categories of phenomena, commitment to the practice as well as the positive and negative use of our gifts.

Class #2 – Balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit –  To develop intuitively we need to take care of our mind, body and spirit daily. Routines for meditation, diet, exercise and mandatory to expand intuition. Understanding the categories and types of phenomena help to bring forth your particular gifts. Prayers are the asking, our intuition allows us to by guided to that for which we asked. Understand how your prayers may or may not be working for you.

Class #3 – Universal Symbols and Chakras – Dreams are filled with symbols. Often the reading we get is given through symbolic meanings. Our ability to decipher what our spirit teachers are showing us is predicated on understanding symbolically. Chakras are a tool we can use in creating a drama free life is knowing when a chakra is open and flowing versus closed of and the energy stuck.

Class #4 – Candles – A flame was one of the first things man could identify with the divinity.  To primitive man, it represented light, heat, force, life and of also destruction. Candles have their use today in prayers, thanksgiving, novenas and meditations. They are still used as an offering to the highest planes of expression. Candles are also used by many to reach the highest evolution of spiritual awareness within themselves. Metaphysicians use the candles for the effect of special colors, meditation and auric analysis.

Class #5 – Healing – A person is considered a healer when they provide healing for another.  A doctor learns which medicines provide a cure for a particular ailment. Spirit are the doctors who decide which healer is most in tune with the type of energy work necessary to bring out the healing for the individual. Spirit “flows through” the healer’s vibration. In this class you will learn mantras, categories of healing and understand the transference of energy.

Class #6 – Astral Projection – There are 2 types of Astral Projection. Conscious astral projection is when we are awake and know we are going “out of body” and unconscious astral projection, or going out of body while asleep. While in the astral a person can see, even though he is not clairvoyant, because the vibration has increased so we can see material as well as astral things. When experiencing unconscious astral projection that is the experience of dreaming.

Class #7 – Angels / Spirit Teachers / Guides – The term Angel should not be used synonymously with Guides, Guardians and Teachers, nor should they be thought of as synonymous. They are as different from one another as their functions/jobs are. Learn what role the Arch-Angels play in today’s world and how to work productively with your spirit teachers and guide.



Instructor: Michelle Vidal – (505) 453-7646

CLASS #1 – Introduction – Prayer is the asking – Meditation is the listening. It is through meditation that we receive insight into our life on earth. Understanding what all transpires through meditation allows for a better, more complete meditation practice. How to use meditation for abundance and connection to humanity and spirit.

  • Sensory Integration – Taste; Smell; Touch


CLASS #2 – The Bodies – What are the physical benefits for meditation? Can a 2-minute mediation help us in times of stress? How to use meditation to access spirit teachers and guides. There are no limits in meditation so why not use your meditation practice to release the limits you have placed on your life?

  • Sensory Integration – Sight


CLASS #3 – Meditation for Spiritual Life – Meditation is much more than just the quieting of the mind. In this class we discuss what life is without meditation, tools, mantras, energy and supporting the body for a strong practice.

  • Sensory Integration – Sight


CLASS #4 – Our Thoughts We Live By – We may not realize it, but we negate ourselves before anyone else has a chance to. How often do we think negatively, sabotaging what we are working on and towards? This too is a meditation. One that we should work to turn around.

  • Sensory Integration – Hearing; Integration